Friday, 5 December 2008

What's it all about eh?

Yes it's another food blog! "No not another one" you're thinking, what else could you possibly bring to this already busy party. Well, let's first explain what Eat Family means. The Cantonese have a phrase 食家 (sik gaa) which translates directly as Eat Family. It describes people who are obsessed with food, both cooking and eating it. That is your family, to eat is your clan colour, we're all part of the same Gastro-tribe! Once you are part of the family you never leave it. You recognise other family members from their obsessive behaviour, you know the kind that you display too...

It is in the spirit of familial sharing that I dedicate this blog. I will be sharing the recipes that I've enjoyed cooking, the places in which I've enjoyed eating and presenting mouthwatering photos for your visual consumption. Like the bowl of crab linguine above, one of my favourite dishes. Such a satisfying dish to both cook and devour, maybe because so little effort is needed to make it. This dish is twist on the Italian classic in that I include a good pinch of sweet smoked paprika, Spanish Pimenton De La Vera. The locals would be up in arms, but hey, I'm not Italian and I'm sure if their mamas had made it they would love it too!

Now, I hope you don't get travel sickness because I do like to skip around the culinary globe. I was born in the UK but with a Hong Kong background. So I would consider Cantonese home-cooking to be my comfort food but really when it comes down to it I am a complete food-magpie, I will eat and attempt to cook anything. There's just too much good food out there in the world to stay in one place.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I hope to enjoy writing it,
Ta PC.

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